Tender for Providing Standard Printing Services


Subject: Invitation to Bid No. UN-ITB-GEO-2020-005


Participating United Nations Agencies wish to enter into Long Term Arrangements for the period of September 2020–September 2022 for providing standard Printing Services.


Accordingly, we enclose our Invitation to Bid No. UN-ITB-GEO-2020-005 and you are requested to:

  • Submit your bid with unit price(s) in USD, as instructed, on or before the closing time.
  • Note that failure to bid in USD, or in accordance with the requested terms, will result in automatic invalidation of your bid.


In addition, please note that:

  • The quantities stated in the bid are estimates only; Any agreement that UN Agency subsequently enters into with a supplier, will not obligate UN Agency to purchase any minimum or maximum quantity/monetary value; and ceiling prices must remain fixed for a minimum period of six (6) months.
  • UN Agencies are tax exempt (VAT, customs, etc) - ensure that quoted prices exclude tax (VAT);
  • UN Agencies are authorized to procure goods only outside the bonded area. That means that the supplies should be imported on supplier’s name and prices should include customs and duties that required for delivery to UNICEF office. CIP delivery terms is not acceptable.
  • This is a sealed bid and you must adhere to the Instruction to Bidders/Response Format. You must read all of the provisions of this ITB, to ensure that you understand the UN’s requirements and can submit an offer in compliance with them. NOTE THAT FAILURE TO PROVIDE REQUESTED DOCUMENTS OR COMPLETE THE ITEM TEXTS, MAY RESULT IN INVALIDATION OF YOUR BID;
  • Evaluation criteria will be based on the reliability of the supplier, the best price, and delivery terms.


Please note that your bid duly sealed must reach UN House by 15:00 hours of Monday 10 August in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders on the next page.



Questions from Bidders: Bidders are required to submit any questions in respect of this ITB to Alexander Burjanadze, UNICEF Georgia Country Office, by EMAIL at aburjanadze@unicef.orgor by MOBILE at +995 599508891(contact hours: from 9 AM to 6 PM local time). The deadline for receipt of any questions is COB of Friday 7.08.20.




Completing the Bid FORM:

  • Page 3 of this document should be completed, signed and stamped by an authorized representative of the company;
  • Validity of Offer (Page 3): The term of validity of the bid/offer must be correctly indicated. The Bid offering less than 6 months validity shall not be further considered.
  • Pages 4- 24 of this document – USD Prices and Deliveries should be indicated per commodity including all costs (packing, marking, loading, transportation and unloading) and possible discounts (per quantities range) within Tbilisi area. Bidders can bid/indicate for one commodity or all commodities.
  • Completing the BID: The Bidder must submit the following: Completed, signed and stamped Bid Form (pages 3-24 of this document);
  • Securing the Bid: The documentation listed above must be securely closed in an envelope, clearly MARKED on the outside with the BID number: “UN-ITB-GEO-2020-005”.
  • Submitting the Bid: The sealed envelope (marked with number UN-ITB-GEO-2020-005) shall be hand delivered to UN House, 9 Eristavi Street, Vake, Tbilisi 0179, Georgia and placed in the locked UNICEF Tender Box located at the Ground Floor by 15:00 of Monday 10.08.20.
  • Opening of Bids: Sealed envelopes will be publicly opened at 15:00 on Monday 10.08.20. One representative from each bidding company may attend the bid opening.


IMPORTANT: Bids should be submitted in accordance with the above instructions and using this English document format as prescribed above. Bids received in any other manner (by e-mail, or fax, in an opened envelope), at a different address or in a different format, or without a completed, signed and stamped Bid Form or received after 15:00 of 10.08.20, will be INVALIDATED. UNICEF will accept no responsibility for the premature opening of a bid which is in the not properly identified envelope.


BID FORM (pages 3-24) must be completed, signed and returned to UNICEF Georgia Country Office.

Bid must be made in accordance with the instructions contained in this INVITATION.



Any UN LTA, Order and Contract resulting from this INVITATION shall contain UN General Terms and Conditions and any other Specific Terms and Conditions detailed in this INVITATION.



Any request for additional information regarding this INVITATION should be forwarded by email with reference to the INVITATION to responded in normal course of business. This email should be addressed only in this case for the attention of Mr. Alexander Burjanadze, UNICEF Georgia Country Office at aburjanadze@unicef.org. The Undersigned, have read the Terms and Conditions of INVITATION No. UN-ITB-GEO-2020-005 set out in the attached document hereby offers to supply the services specified at the price or prices quoted, in accordance with any specifications stated and subject to the Terms and Conditions set out or specified in the document.

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სქესი: ნებისმიერი
გამოქვეყნებუილია: 01/08/2020
ბოლო ვადა: 10/08/2020

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