Development of Tbilisi City Hall’s Open Data Portal Concept and Terms of Reference

Tetra Tech ARD

Date of Issuance: November 6, 2020

Closing Date for Questions: November 16, 2020

GGI answers to bidder’s questions: November 20, 2020


Closing Date for Submission of Proposal: November 30, 2020, 5:30 PM, Tbilisi time


Subject: Tetra Tech ARD Request for Proposal No. GGI-RFP-051 entitled “Development of Tbilisi City Hall’s Open Data Portal Concept and Terms of Reference (ToR)”


Dear Sir/ Madam,

You are kindly invited to submit a technical and financial proposal relating to Tetra Tech ARD. Request for Proposal No.GGI-RFP-051. All related correspondence for this proposal should be sent to:


Tetra Tech ARD intends to issue a Firm Fixed Price contract for this work.


Costs incurred by respondents for the preparation of a proposal and the negotiation of contract are not reimbursable.

Tetra Tech ARD is not bound to accept any of the proposals submitted.


Tetra Tech reserves the right to accept an offerors proposal without further discussion.


Tetra Tech ARD will only evaluate proposals from licensed, qualified firms to execute and implement the work under this project.

Offerors are required to obtain DBA Insurance prior to commencement of any services. See Appendix D, Section D of the RFP for more information.

The Offers must be able to complete all the items stated in the Statement of Work.


Please note that in submitting a response to this RFP, the Offeror understands and agrees that USAID and all other US and Host Government entities are not parties to this procedure.


All questions and inquiries related to this request must be submitted prior to the Closing Date for questions shown above for this RFP. All “Offerors” must submit their questions to Tetra Tech ARD via the below email address:


The subject line should have: “Questions for GGI-RFP-051 “Development of Tbilisi City Hall’s Open Data Portal Concept and Terms of Reference (ToR)”.


In compliance with standard procedure, all inquiries and comments will be shared with the rest of the Offerors along with Tetra Tech’s response. Questions received after the closing date for Questions may not be answered.


Proposal Instructions

The Offeror shall submit its best price offer/proposal in accordance with the Scope of Work (SOW) and shall contain the following:

  • Proposal Cover Letter signed by a person authorized to sign on behalf of the Offeror;
  • Technical Approach/Proposal for completing the deliverables in the SOW;
  • Summary of Relevant Experience. Offerors should list current and previous relevant projects;
  • Corporate Capabilities;
  • Performance References for similar work;
  • Budget. Offerors must use budget template in Attachment B
  • Budget narrative. Offerors must explain the rationale behind the numbers.


Submittal requirements:

Proposals shall be submitted via e-mail:


The Subject line of the email should read: “Creation of an Open Data Portal of Tbilisi City Hall”.


Proposals received after the exact time specified for receipts of offer shall be considered late and shall not be evaluated.


Respondents shall receive an email acknowledging that their Proposal has been received upon its submission.

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