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Call for consultant/team of consultants for developing the content of the e-course – TB and Children



Despite the global rates of new TB cases have been falling since 2005, TB burden in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) is still high and cases of multidrug-resistant (MDR-TB) and extensively drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB) have been increasing.1 Among the measures needed to affectively tackle and eventually end TB epidemic is training is ensuring that all stockholders engaged in TB response have solid knowledge and skills on all issue related to TB prevention diagnoses, treatment care and support.

In order to strengthen the community system by building the capacities of community groups and civil society service providers and offering high quality training on a spectrum of topics related to TB, TB People together with its implementation partner PAS Center is developing an e-learning platform (hereinafter, the Platform), tentatively called TEACH ME TB. E-learning platform “TEACH ME TB” will build capacity of a wide range of actors working on TB advocacy and service delivery by providing interactive, evidence-based training on all topics related to TB prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care and support, human rights, integrated people-centered care, advocacy, communication, awareness raising, service provision, etc. Importantly, courses will be delivered in ways easily accessible for all target groups, combining video lectures, reading materials and practical exercises.

E-learning platform will be created in the framework of the project TB-REP2.0.

Network TBpeople - a network of people affected by TB, registered in Georgia in 2017 as a non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entity. Guided by its vision (World Free from TB) and mission (Unite People, Defeat TB), the network aims to empower its members, increase international and national funding for TB, promote new technologies in TB prevention, diagnostics, treatment, care and support, and promote human rights of and reduce stigma and discrimination against people affected by TB.


Scope of the work:

Network TBpeople is seeking to contract consultant/group of consultants to design, develop and implement a content for course: „TB and Children“, which will be uploaded to e-Learning Platform.

The course will target following groups:

  • People with and affected by TB
  • TB community activists
  • Peer educators / Counselors / Treatment supporters
  • Family members of people with TB
  • Staff of CSO TB service providers
  • Community healthcare workers


Technical Description/Features of the e-learning platform


The Platform will have a public part accessible to visitors, containing the following:

  • Home page: information about the Platform, news and updates, sign in/sign up window
  • Courses database: information about each course will be available on the platform, with a possibility of filtering by topic, type (timed/self-paced), duration and other features
  • Information about each course (course description, course program, faculty, timing – timed or self-paced, duration and estimated workload, languages, requirements for obtaining a certificate, quotes from trainees who took the course, as well as “register” button, leading to sign up/sign in page).
  • Course materials such as presentations, reading materials, animations, introductory video lectures, video lectures, Q&A, quizzes/tests and PowerPoint presentations, infographics will be available for download, for registered users.
  • Frequently asked questions also will be available for users and will contain detailed information about lectures, duration of the course, content of the course and other information.


Registered users will be able to access their personal cabinet containing the following:

  • Cabinet homepage: list of current, upcoming and completed courses
  • Courses database: information about each course available on the platform, with a possibility of filtering by topic, type (timed/self-paced), language, duration and other features
  • Information about each course (course description, course program, faculty, timing – timed or self-paced, duration and estimated workload, languages, requirements for obtaining a certificate, quotes from trainees who took the course, as well as “register” button, leading to the enrolment to the course and course homepage)
  • For each of the course, the following sections will be available:


Course homepage: description of the module of the course; links (play – in new window/download) to video lectures in the current module with links to downloadable text files with subtitles for each video lecture; links to downloadable reading materials and presentations in the current module; link to the test/puzzle for the current module (in new window); general overview of progress on the course (place in the overall course timeline and current score)

Video lecture page: youtube-like video player with subtitles in the chosen language and links to lecture materials (link to downloadable video file, link to downloadable text file with subtitles for the current video lecture; links to downloadable reading materials and presentations for the current lecture)

Test/puzzle page: web page with questions containing a certain number of answer options and a SAVE and SUBMIT buttons at the bottom. SAVE button will result in saving current answers without submitting them and return the user to the Course homepage or previous page (TBD based on testing).

Pressing the SUBMIT button will open a page with test results. Write answers will be highlighted in green and explanation provided; wrong answers will be highlighted in red. Depending on the number of tries set for the course, the user will either be offered to redo the test or, if no more tries are available, explained each wrong answer. The score will be credited to the general performance on the course based on the pre-set formula of score needed to successfully complete the course. Users will also be given an opportunity to report a mistake and challenge the results of the test and give their explanation of why they disagree with a particular answer.

Overall performance page: the results of all tests taken during the course and analysis of each test, as well as indication of the score needed for a certificate or certificate with distinction (if envisaged for the course)

All sections of the course will have a navigation pane with a link to the Cabinet homepage and a section on the current course (Course homepage; links to other modules in the course, with the current module rolled out and showing links to video lectures in the current module, Overall performance page), as well as links to a feedback form, forum and FAQ.


ITechnical solution E-learning Platform will be placed on the open source Moodle: Moodle provides a strong set of learner-centric tools and collaborative learning environments that would empower both teaching and learning. The open source Moodle has a number of advantages for TEACH ME TB, including:

  • being free open source software;
  • giving full control over the source code and the database;
  • offering a possibility to provide content in multiple languages;
  • being tailored to individual needs, allowing to develop individual interface design and structure of the platform;
  • supporting the needs of small classes and large organizations;
  • being easily deployed on a private secure cloud or server for complete control;
  • being designed to support both teaching and learning prosses.


Consultant selection criteria

The assignment will be conducted by a consultant or a group of consultants who will submit the proposal as a team (Consultant). The consultant will be identified through an open call for proposals. The qualification requirements and bases for evaluation and selection of the consultant are:

  • University or college degree in social sciences, public health, health promotion, journalism, communications, and/or similar field (20% of final score);
  • At least 3 years professional experience in the area of public health and specifically in TB (20% of final score);
  • Experience of working with community (20% of final score);
  • Experience in development of online educational content/curriculums is preferred as well as experience of providing trainings (30% of final score);
  • Excellent spoken and written Russian, excellent writing and correspondence skills, excellent communication skills (10% of final score)


Preference will be given to community members with TB treatment experience that fulfill the above criteria.

Please note, only successful candidates will be contacted.



In coordination with Network TBpeople, the consultant will:

  • Develop the content of the course – TB and Children, based on the concept and technical parameters of the course;
  • Prepare course for uploading to the online Platform (Prepare materials – readings, presentations, video and tests about TB and Children, tests, etc. according to the technical parameters);
  • Provide necessary supporting information to the team of Network TBpeople;
  • Closely work with TBpeople video consultant and PAS Center and IT consultant;
  • Make necessary adjustments based on feedback received;
  • Provide all materials for uploading and updating content;
  • After the launch of the Platform, provide ongoing support, including making necessary adjustments and improvements as requested by Network TBpeople and as required for effective operation of the Platform as per IT specialist guidance.


Interested applicants are expected to submit curriculum vitae, methodology and conceptual framework for the course: „TB and Children“, which contains information about format of the course, topics, information sources, list of experts, which could be considered for video, audio materials and list of relevant reading materials.


 Duration of the assignment:

The consultancy is expected to take place from July 25 to September 25, 2020, including testing and feedback integration.



Expected outcomes

The consultant/ is expected to develop, support the upload and test the content of the course – TB and Children.


IX. Deliverables:

  • Curriculum of the Course;
  • Content for the course (introductory video lectures, video lectures, Q&A, quizzes/tests and PowerPoint presentations and other relevant materials Russian) and in line with the concept and technical parameters of the course: „ TB and Children “;
  • Course testing and final adjustments;
  • Fully functional online course on the Teach Me TB platform (including course testing and final adjustments).


The deliverable need to be presented in Russian.


Payment schedule

Inception and design approval – 10%

Development, Testing and Final Report – 90%


Payment for the work of the consultant/consultants under this ToR will be decided based on the results of the tendering process. The final costs of consultancy could be the subject to agreement between the parties.


Interested applicants will send curriculum vitae, motivation letter, methodology and conceptual framework for the course: “TB and Children” on the following email up to July 15, 2020 with the subject (TB and Children consultant).

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